From Genshin to My Favorite Child The AGF festival was packed with people

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From Genshin to My Favorite Child The AGF festival was packed with people

From Genshin to My Favorite Child Despite the sub-zero weather, the crowded KINTEX was filled with excitement from animation and game fans.

The lines stretched at every major booth at the event, and the aisles between booths were crowded with people dressed up as various characters and fans, making it difficult to walk freely.
At this year’s AGF, the place that stood out the most in terms of size and splendor was the Daewon Media Group joint brand pavilion.

Game Festival (AGF 2023)


This booth is comprised of 4 affiliates of Daewon Media Group, including Daewon Media, Daewon CI, Daewon Broadcasting, and Haksan Culture Company, and has 50 booths. Considering that one booth is usually 9㎡, the total area is about 136 pyeong.

A large display was attached to the outer wall of the booth to create a media facade effect, and popular IPs such as ‘Slam Dunk’, ‘Favorite Child’, and ‘Spy Family’ were displayed inside.

Daewon C.I.’s ‘Favorite Child’ illustration collection, ‘Boch the Rock! 6′ and ‘Genshin Art Book Vol.1’ were on pre-sale at AGF, and people lined up in long lines to buy them.

Lee Bong-seok, head of Daewon CI’s Content 1 Business Division, said, “‘Boch the Rock! 6’ was originally scheduled to be published at the end of this month, but 1,500 copies were sold in advance this time. I think people flocked to it because of this.”

According to Daewon CI, sales rose to 13 million won within one hour of opening and 30 million won within two hours.In the case of ‘Boch the Rock!’, a significant portion of the inventory had already been sold out by noon that day.
Hoyo Bus, the official sponsor of this year’s AGF 2023, also set up a large booth.

Hoyo Bus, which produced the famous Chinese game ‘Genshin’, installed a large stage in the center of the booth and introduced the new game. Check full details here

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In addition, people flocked to Aniplus and Animate Cafe, which sell drinks and desserts using character IP.

A man in line at the Animate booth said he had been waiting for an hour and a half.

A spectacular DJ show was also held on one side of the event venue.

DJ Kaz, who mixes mainly anime songs in Japan, hosted the show, and anime fans seemed to be enjoying the festival by dancing to the songs.

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