100GB Free – Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

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100GB Free – Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

100GB Free – Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download Back up your data legitimately from your gadget. Pick what you need to reinforce, similar to your photos or docs and we store it all safely in Diego’s cloud drive. Degoo allows you to bring all your photos, recordings, music, and reports to place. Store and offer your files free everlastingly with Degoo, a definitive cloud drive for your cell phone or tablet.


MY FEED: Get your very own customized feed with all the recollections from quite a while ago. We utilize man-made reasoning to choose the photos that issue the most to you. At whatever point you open it you will discover new photos you have not found in some time. A passage to energize your advanced life!

ZERO-KNOWLEDGE ENCRYPTION: Our Top Secret component transfers your files utilizing zero information encryption and spreads it over different mainlands (requires star account). This military evaluation encryption guarantees that nobody else can access your data and that it is stored with most extreme protection and security.

Programmed: We recognize when you snap another photo with your camera or include a few files and ensure your reinforcement is dependably exceptional. Never reconsider reinforcement! We reinforce, store and synchronize all your data for you automatically and straightforwardly from your cell phone or tablet.

Solid: At Degoo we store triple duplicates of each file to guarantee they are dependably there when you need them. Simply transfer them into our mega secure capacity traveler and access them at whatever point you like.

Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

100GB Free - Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download
Add captio100GB Free – Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

Gushing SUPPORT: With our simple-to-utilize full-screen stream player, you can access all your recordings and music streams in real time without sitting tight for the download to wrap up.

Procure EXTRA FREE GB: You can without much of a stretch get more space by either viewing a discretionary supported video or by moving up to our star account.

REMOTE ONLINE ACCESS: Keep all your data in the cloud and rapidly access it from all your gadgets. Get moment access to all your office records, similar to content docs, pdf, zip chronicles, and notes wherever you are, within minutes. Degoo gives you a chance to restore your files from your online extra room to any gadget on the planet, all nonstop.

Straightforward FILE EXPLORER: In My Files, you can rapidly list all your files in our pioneer and utilize our simple file watcher to access and share your files and envelopes legitimately in the application. Keep all your data readily available, store everything in your own envelopes and match up whenever you need to completely back up your data.

Overly EFFICIENT AND FAST: The application is exceptionally lightweight and uses least RAM, battery, and CPU. Keep your memory space and power use to more critical work errands and appreciate super quick transfers.

Programmed LOGIN: Let our brilliant sign-in associate help you log in to all your gadgets without utilizing your console or recall any secret key.

100GB Free - Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download
100GB Free – Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

Boundless DATA TRANSFER: Quickly send all your substance over the Internet with our send file module, utilizing similar military evaluation security as while putting away your files. You can share the same number of files as you like to enable you to remain associated with your companions and partners and you will get an innovative joint effort space of all the files you have sent from your telephone. The files can be imparted to all applications that support HTTPS URLs.

Simple TO USE: We have as of late reproduced our file supervisor starting with no outside help. This new form has prompted a much cleaner interface with an excellent Chrome complete and simpler plan, which makes it excessively simple to remain over your work assignments. Simply drop all your files into Degoo and let us deal with the rest.

FIT 10 TIMES MORE PHOTOS (requires expert): Our photo stockpiling maximizer model empowers you to fit up to multiple times more photos on your telephone. Simply empower the photo stockpiling maximizer and the Degoo application automatically gives you more space on your SD card. On the off chance that you need more than 100 GB, you can move up to our moderate master accounts.

100GB Free - Cloud Drive Degoo Apk Download

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